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The Ice Mine is an item that only appears in Crash Nitro Kart. It is one of the special items that players sometimes get from ? crates. A player with this weapon may either place a blue ice mine on the ground or throw it ahead of them.

Any racer who hits a blue ice mine will spin out and briefly be surrounded by an ice cube which causes the racer's kart to move as if they were on a slippery surface. If the player using it is juiced, it will change to a purple ice mine and the ice cube will last longer before melting.


Crash Twinsanity

  • Manual

"This mine will put anyone who runs over it into a giant ice cube that causes their kart to spin out. Put it near tight corners to cause less wary racers to fly right off the edge. If you need to slow down someone in the lead, you can also hold up on the directional buttons or left analog stick and press fire to toss the ice mine ahead of you. Juiced - The ice cube will take longer to melt and cause the kart to drive like it's on ice."