Ice Climb (サムサムアイスランド lit. Coldy Iceland in Japanese) is the fifth level in Crash Twinsanity and the first in the Iceberg Lab. At the end, there is a boss fight with Uka Uka. In this level Crash and Cortex work together as allies, for the second part.


The first portion of the level involves Crash traversing through a hollow iceberg filled with machinery. The second part features both Crash and Cortex exploring the exterior of the Iceberg Lab. At the end of the level, Crash and Cortex fight Uka Uka as a boss.



Water is extremely common in this level. Falling into it will instantly make the player lose a life.


Crash can die from falling from too high in most part of the level.

Hologram Probes

Floating camera like red robots that follow Crash's movements. These appear in Crash's section and the part when paired with Cortex. Being generic enemies they can be dealt with by any attack.


White-colored bats appear commonly throughout the level. When they see Crash, they will swoop down at him. They can be defeated with any attack, but it is interesting to note that when they are shot at by Cortex, the first one merely stuns them and makes them unable to fly, while the second shot kills them.


At the beginning of the level, there are several icebergs which serve as platforms. However, once you exit the cave with the icebergs and enter the inside of the mountain, the icebergs will sink slightly and will hurt Crash if he touches them.


Penguins appear frequently throughout this level with rockets strapped to their backs. When they see Crash, they will either rocket straight toward him or shoot up into the air and attempt to divebomb him.


  • This is 1 of the 10 skippable levels in the game.
  • This level originally was going to have its own highly-energetic, rock n' roll musical score, but it was cut for being too unfitting.
  • Lava Caves, one of the cut levels in the game, would apparently have been the Tenth Dimension version of Ice Climb.

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