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Hot Coco (はっけん! カリブのだいじけん lit. Discovery! Caribbean Big Event in Japanese) is the thirty-first level in in Crash Bandicoot: Warped and its remake in the N. Sane Trilogy.

This level's name is a pun of the popular drink hot cocoa.


Hot Coco is a secret level that was hidden within Warped, it is accessed by hitting an alien sign in Road Crash.

Taking place at sunset, it features Coco on her jetski. When she enters the level, she is spawned right besides the exit warp. However the path is blocked by floating nitro crates. To pass them, Coco needs to find the nitro switch crate to detonate the nitro and then exit the level. There is a gem and relic available for collecting in this stage. The gem is awarded for collecting all the crates. To collect the relic, you will need to memorise the quickest route to the switch and collect time crates along the way to help freeze the clock.




  • During development, this level was called "Ski Crazed", long before the eventual namesake level existed. It was then called "Hidden Treasure" before "Hot Coco" became the final choice.
  • In the NTSC-U version, the relic times in this level are the same as those of Road Crash, due to a glitch which doesn't change the times to the new level. As a result, the required time is extremely easy on this version.
  • In order to prevent the player from breaking the Nitro crates at the beginning, Aku Aku is completely removed from this level, even if the player enters the level with an Aku Aku mask.
  • Using the extra items cheat to acquire 31 crystals, this level appears in the hidden level of the time twister. This is the only way to get the correct relic times for this level.
  • It's possible to finish the time trial in less than 2 seconds, through the use of the waves. With enough luck, the player can jump over the nitro crates at the start and finish the level.
  • A similar trick was possible at one time in the N. Sane Trilogy, where the Nitro crates guarding the exit could be broken without taking damage by driving towards them with the right angle, but has been patched as of June 29th, 2018.
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