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Hit the Road is the third story level of The Hazardous Wastes and the fifth main level of Crash Bandicoot 4: It's About Time. The green gem can be also found in this level. The player character must spin a vibrating trash can and then keep spinning a remote controller that jumps out of the can until the remote controlled toy car collides with a Nitro Crate, making it explode and revealing the gem.


After reaching the junkyard, Crash/Coco traverse through it while dodging obstacles and enemies. Upon reaching the garage, the bandicoot suddenly hears a feminine voice upon coming into contact with N. Gin's monster truck. Fortunately, the truck got hooked onto a chain, leaving enough time for the bandicoot to get into a metallic Atlasphere and escape the truck itself. After successfully evading the truck, Crash/Coco make it to N. Gin's concert.


Normal Mode[]

  • Just like the previous levels, the level is a post-apocalyptic wasteland.
  • The green gem is able to be obtained after the first chase section.
  • Lani-Loli's add and remove objects ability usage.
  • Post-apocalyptic enemies.

N. Verted Mode[]

  • Just like the previous levels, the level has limited render distance.
  • Everything has a neon outline around it, this includes level geometry which will also display its wireframes.
  • Crash's spin is overdrived and sounds like a chainsaw.
  • Every so often the level's lighting will flicker and become dim, you can light up the level again by reaching a checkpoint. (Stage Dive will not dim.)
  • Music has a drumbeat; its volume depends on how bright the stage is.

Names in other languages[]

Language Name
Arabic طريق الغضب
tareeq alghadub
French En route
German Road Trip
Italian In viaggio
Japanese とにかくすすめ
Tonikaku susume
Polish W drogę!
Portuguese Caindo na Estrada
Russian Шоссейные гонки
Shosseynye gonki
Spanish Pisa el Acelerador



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