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Hit the Road is the third story level of The Hazardous Wastes and the fifth main level of Crash Bandicoot 4: It's About Time. The green gem can be also found in this level. The player character must spin a vibrating trash can and then keep spinning a remote controller that jumps out of the can until the remote controlled toy car collides with a Nitro Crate, making it explode and revealing the gem.


After reaching the junkyard, Crash/Coco traverse through it while dodging obstacles and enemies. Upon reaching the garage, the bandicoot suddenly hears a feminine voice upon coming into contact with N. Gin's monster truck. Fortunately, the truck got hooked onto a chain, leaving enough time for the bandicoot to get into a metallic Atlasphere and escape the truck itself. After successfully evading the truck, Crash/Coco make it to N. Gin's concert.


Normal Mode

  • Just like the previous levels, the level is a post-apocalyptic wasteland.
  • The green gem is able to be obtained after the first chase section.
  • Lani-Loli's add and remove objects ability usage.
  • Post-apocalyptic enemies.

N. Verted Mode

  • Just like the previous levels, the level has limited render distance.
  • Everything has a neon outline around it, this includes level geometry which will also display its wireframes.
  • Crash's spin is overdrived and sounds like a chainsaw.
  • Every so often the level's lighting will flicker and become dim, you can light up the level again by reaching a checkpoint. (Stage Dive will not dim.)
  • Music has a drumbeat; its volume depends on how bright the stage is.

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Arabic طريق الغضب
tareeq alghadub
Path of Anger
French En route En route
German Road Trip Road Trip
Italian In viaggio En route
Japanese とにかくすすめ
Tonikaku susume
Anyway, Forward!
Polish W droge! Let's Go!
Portuguese Caindo na Estrada (same as English)
Russian Шоссейные гонки
Shosseynye gonki
Highway races
LatAm Spanish Pisa el acelerador Step on the Accelerator
European Spanish Pisa el acelerador Step on the Accelerator



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