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Hasty is a character introduced in Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled.


Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled[]

Hasty appears as a playable racer as part of the Winter Festival Grand Prix. He is the reward for completing the Bronze Tier. He is later purchasable at the Pit Stop for 1500 Wumpa Coins as of the Post-Grand Prix update.


Speed: 6/7
Accel: 2/7
Turn: 3/7
Difficulty: Advanced
Driving Style: Drift


Physical description[]

Hasty is a dark brown moose. He has heavy-lidded green eyes with bright brown eyebrows and a small goatee under his chin. He wears a black aviator jacket with a white fur trim, adorned with patches on the right of his chest and both upper arms. He wears pea green cargo pants, black winter boots with white fur trim, and cream winter gloves. He also wears a brown aviator hat with goggles resting on his forehead. A small tuft of hair pokes out from under the hat over his forehead, resembling bangs.


Hasty has the attitude of a professional contestant, making sporty quips. He's very confident, almost to the point of being a little egotistical. He is also shown to be a bit of a sore loser, though understanding enough to know that he can't win every race.

Behind-the-scenes information[]


Original concept art for Trippo, mistakenly referred to as "Fasty" and Hasty's inspiration.

Hasty's conception derives from a misconception about a character cut from the original CTR. The aforementioned character was found as a sketch in series artist Bob Rafei's portfolio of Crash Team Racing character designs. Rafei later stated in an interview that the character design was just a mascot idea sketched for the Trippo Airfare search engine, lumped by mistake with other CTR sketches.[2] Despite Rafei's image being titled "trippo", he was falsely named "Fasty" by fans, and is still named as such internally in Nitro-Fueled. Beenox used Fasty as a basis for Hasty, giving him a personality, style, and a different design.[3]


Additional information[]


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