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Hangin' Out (ぶらさがりん ちかどう lit. Hanging in the Underpass in Japanese) is the sixteenth level and is the first level in the fourth warp room in Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back and the N. Sane Trilogy remaster of the second game. It is the third and final sewer-themed level in the game. Unlike its predecessors, it predominantly focuses on forcing Crash to navigate wire meshes suspended above red-hot pipes and generally avoid sewer mechs. If the player turns around and heads backward after the second drop, he will find a hole in the ground, containing a short mesh path through lava-flooded ruins. Speedy versions of the hover-spike-o-trons patrol this area, but by pulling his feet up (using the Circle button), he can avoid them and pick up a few extra lives, and even find a secret warp to the secret sixth warp room, unlocking Totally Fly.

Enemies and Obstacles

Enemy/Obstacle Picture Enemy/Obstacle Description

The one enemy seen in this level surrounded by scrubbers

*Welder Lab Assistant- These enemies sit from a chair hanging from the ceiling and use a flamethrower against Crash. Crash can spin them while they recharge their flamethrower. When they are defeated, they will spin around in the chair and disappear. Only one appears in the level at the beginning.
Bubbletrons H O

Scrubber seen launching toward Crash

*Scrubbers- They are enemies supposedly intended to clean the sewers. They will normally spin around in circles, but near the beginning there is a conveyor of scrubbers that hurl themselves at Crash until he gets to the end of the tunnel. They can be defeated with any attack move.

Electric water seen in front of the door

*Electric Water- Electric water is controlled by a eel that cannot be interacted with. Crash can walk through the water while it is not being electrocuted. If he does it while it is being electrocuted, he himself will be electrocuted. There are two patches of electric water, one at the beginning and another at the end.

Spike-o-trons seen hovering below the wire meshes

*Sewer Mechs- These enemies hover back and forth in the wire mesh area of the level. They cannot be defeated by normal means but can be defeated if Crash has an Aku Aku mask with him. Crash must otherwise try to avoid them.

Three barrels seen in this image

*Rolling Toxic Waste Barrels- They will roll from side to side in the tunnel areas of the level. Like the hover-spike-o-trons, they cannot be defeated by normal means but can be defeated if Crash has an Aku Aku mask.

Rats crawling around the bonus platform

*Cyborg Rats- These enemies will crawl back and forth in the non-mesh areas of the level. They cannot be defeated be spinning or sliding, but they can be defeated by jumping or belly flopping on them.



Viewing the Level

Translation of Aku Aku Hints in the Japanese Version

  • In the very end of White Bear Big Jump, try to step on the small islands floating on the water.


  • This level's name is a reference to the common phrase "hanging out". The "hangin" part refers to the many hanging sections in this level.
  • This level has a secret path leading to a warp to the sixth warp room, but the music in that section does not change as one would expect in a secret area.
  • The secret path in this level is the only instance in the entire series where pulling your legs up whilst hanging on the wire mesh is necessary, to avoid the fast-moving robots.
  • This level went through many changes since it was first showcased at the 1997 E3, including:
    • The hanging section was far more extensive and the path would split into two at the end of it, and the path to the right would split again, but it was eventually changed. It also featured meshes going up and down through the doorways. There were also platforms beneath parts of the mesh with crates on them.
    • The grey bobbing mechs hovering over the floor going back and forward, which is a trait the rats from the level have.
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