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A Hall Monitor using his flashlight.

Hall Monitors are enemies in Crash Twinsanity. They are students that appear in Crash's section of Classroom Chaos in certain hall ways. They are very similar to the Watchmen in Totem Hokum.


As their names suggest, they patrol the Academy of Evil with a flashlight, looking out for intruders. Crash needs to watch when he comes across them as stealth is required to sneak by. They look quite nerdy in appearance, sporting glasses and buck teeth. There are three hall monitors in total and all have the same model. For some reason they stand right next to a pile of Nitro Crates which, when Crash gets close enough, he can either activate a Detonator Crate to blow them up and send the guy flying or spin the student into the Nitros. If Crash gets caught by the hall monitor, a barrage of paper planes fly down and jab into the bandicoot, instantly killing him while the student celebrates.


  • In a Green Gem gallery there are two other versions of hall monitors that were most likely cut. In the actual game only one model is used.
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