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"Gurin" (グリン) is sometimes used as a catch-all name for all Penguins in Japanese media - you may be looking for Penta Penguin, who was referred to as グリン in the Japanese version of CTR.

Gurin is a character who appears in volume 2 of Crash Bandicoot: Dance! Then Jump! Na Daibōken. She only appears in the fifth chapter, Merrily at South Pole! ♥ This is her only appearance to date.


Crash Bandicoot: Dansu! De Jump! Na Daibouken[]

She is the girlfriend of Penta Penguin, and lives with him at the South Pole.

Cortex briefly splits off from the main group of Crash and Aku Aku in his hover car to take a break at the South Pole from the heat of the jungles. While there, he encounters a penguin, Gurin, and takes a picture with her.

Later, the whole group arrive at the South Pole and have a brief altercation with Penta, until Gurin arrives. Gurin is immediately smitten with Crash upon seeing him (much to Crash's confusion), sending Penta into a rage. Gurin makes Crash go swimming with her in the freezing Antarctic waters. Crash can't handle the cold and starts to drown, but Gurin is oblivious of this.

Aku Aku pleads with Penta to save Crash, but Penta refuses unless Aku Aku pays him. Aku Aku claims to have no money, but Penta punches him, making him literally cough up his wallet. Penta uses the money to quickly buy some ice cream, Gurin's favourite food, then calls out to her. Gurin pulls Crash out of the water to go and get the ice cream, but Crash refuses to eat it since he's already freezing. Gurin misunderstands and thinks that Crash just doesn't like the taste, so she adds fish, fish sauce and other ingredients to "improve" the flavour and forcefully feeds a spoonful to Crash. Crash is paralysed in disgust, upsetting Gurin. Penta gulps down a spoonful and loudly remarks about how good Gurin's food is, causing Gurin to forget about Crash and fall back in love with Penta.

After this, Crash and the gang decide realise that the power stone they came for is frozen way too deep within the iceberg to retrieve. Crash decides to pull the iceberg back to Tasmania so that it will melt, convincing Penta and Gurin to help out by telling them about how much money they could make selling ice cream made with the ice from the iceberg in Tasmania. The penguins agree, and their story ends with them running an extremely popular ice cream stand together on a Tasmanian beach.


Physical description[]

Gurin is a Penguin of unspecified species. She has large sparkling eyes with long eyelashes and wears a flower which seems to be a hibiscus on her head. Her coloration is unknown due to the manga being printed in black and white, though the shading shows that she is lighter in color compared to Penta.


Gurin is shown to be affectionate to her boyfriend Penta, but seems to be very easily swayed by infatuation with someone else, as shown with her instant crush on Crash. She seems very ditzy and oblivious, not noticing Crash drowning right beside her or realizing that everyone finds her cooking disgusting. Being a penguin, she seems immune to cold, eating ice cream after swimming in icy waters without a hint of discomfort.

According to Penta, Gurin is an idol among penguins due to her cuteness.