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The time manipulating servants of Cortex, mutated from... something.

Rogues' gallery, Crash: Mind Over Mutant

Grimly is a titan exclusive to Crash: Mind Over Mutant. Crash uses its time-manipulating abilities first to traverse its home, Mount Grimly, and later to defeat Dr. Cortex in his Space Head satellite. NV-controlled Grimlies serve Dr. Cortex, supervising the mojo-milking machine and tormenting Uka Uka. The Grimly Hero resides in a hollowed-out tree on Wumpa Island, where it keeps one of Uka Uka's bones.


Grimly is a ghoulish, amorphous titan of unknown origin. Lacking arms or legs, its lower half tapers into a curly tail, and its large, clawed hands are completely detached from its body. White shards on its face, neck and back give it the illusion of teeth and an exposed spine. Grimly can be found in almost any cavernous area. It dispatches enemies with ease by slowing down time and pummeling them with its fists. Grimlies apparently rule over the Znus, who are said to be their “slavish servants”.


Light Attack: Grimly throws a series of rapid-fire punches for as long as the 'light attack' button is tapped.

Heavy Attack: Charged by holding the 'heavy attack' button, wherein Grimly swings its right fist, causing it to glow blue. When fully charged, the glow suddenly intensifies. Grimly can carry this charge indefinitely until it throws its punch by tapping the 'heavy attack' button. It can pause and resume charging at any time. The charge is lost if Grimly takes damage, is pocketed, or if the screen reloads when entering a new area. This attack breaks an enemy's guard.

Divebomb: A combo done by performing a light attack while jumping. Grimly divebombs an enemy head-first. This attack also breaks an enemy's guard.

Slow Time: Grimly distorts time, slowing down enemies and the environment around it. Slow Time consumes the Titan Meter over time and ends when it runs out. It can also be cancelled by performing the ability again while it is already in effect, or by pocketing Grimly. Enemy Grimly never use this ability.

Lock On: Grimly has this ability in place of a block. When holding the 'block' button, Grimly will point at an enemy or breakable object, targeting them and summoning a blue arrow above their head. Grimly can dash forward or backward from its target, or strafe around them in a circle.

In other languages[]

Language Name
Danish Grimly
Dutch Naarling
Finnish Synkeilijä
French Grimly
German Grimly
Italian Grimly
Norwegian Grimly
Russian Гримли
Spanish Grimly
Swedish Grymling