Crash Bandicoot Mind over Mutant Grimly

Crash on a Grimly.

Grimly is a ghost-like Titan that live inside Mount Grimly. It has a leader known as the Grimly Hero who lives inside the Uka Tree. They were supposed to appear in Crash of the Titans, but got cut. Its origins are unknown but it may be the result of some bad mojo and another living creature.

It is Cortex's servant. It can slow down time, allowing the player to cross some obstacles. It has a fighting style similar to that of a boxer and uses a move called "Lock on" instead of blocking. An enemy Grimly cannot slow down time.

For its block breaker attack, it swings its fist around to charge up. Then, it punches forward (which resembles Rayman's punch attack greatly). Its fists glow blue when charging up the block breaker attack. Its "Lock on" move causes the Grimly using it to point at an enemy/breakable object and revolve around it when moved sideways, towards it when moved forwards and away from it when moved backwards, which is really useful for doging quickly or charging at an enemy by surprise.

Most of them are blue and bulky looking with a blue motion blur, but its leader, the Grimly hero is lightly built, purple, wears a cape and gloves, has rings, a longer antenna, sharper teeth, bigger eyes, and his motion blur is red. They are only seen in Crash: Mind Over Mutant. You can find them in these locations: Mount Grimly, Frozen Coast, Wumpa Island, and Cortex's space head. "Grimly" is a pun of the word "Gremlin", which is a monster-like creature, hinting that they could be the result of feeding Voodoo Bunnies carrots after midnight, as mentioned by Aku Aku in Crash of the Titans.

One Grimly can be seen in the cutscene before the game title shows, where it gets violently kicked by Crash in the groin.



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