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The Back N. Time Grand Prix is the second Grand Prix in Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled. It lasts from August 2nd to August 25th 2019.

Pit Stop Exclusives

The total minimum cost of buying every item in the pit stop from this grand prix is CTRNF-Wumpa Coin 60900.

Character Bundles

Bundle Items Wumpa Coins
Baby crash bundle
Back N. Time: Baby Crash
DefaultCTRNF-Baby Crash
Baby Crash
LegendaryBaby crash sticker
Baby Crash
CTRNF-Wumpa Coin 3375
ExoticPastel paint
Paint Job
ExoticBed time decal
Decal (Nostalginator)
Bed Time
Baby coco bundle
Back N. Time: Baby Coco
DefaultCTRNF-Baby Coco
Baby Coco
LegendaryBaby coco sticker
Baby Coco
CTRNF-Wumpa Coin 3375
ExoticFloating flowers decal
Decal (Nostalginator)
Floating Flowers
ExoticPastel paint
Paint Job

Kart Sets

Bundle Items Wumpa Coins
Weird science kart set
Weird Science
DefaultNF Probulot 2000 Kart
Probulot 2000
ExoticProbulot 2000 teal paint
Paint Job
Probulot Teal
CTRNF-Wumpa Coin 9900
BasicSide stripes decal
Decal (Probulot 2000)
Side Stripes
LegendaryCTRNF-Mad Scientist Crash Icon
Mad Scientist Crash

Sticker Packs

Sticker Packs Items Wumpa Coins
Rock art pack
Rock Art
BasicCave painting trex chicken sticker
Cave Painting of T-Rex Chicken
BasicCave painting fake caveman
Cave Painting of Fake Caveman
CTRNF-Wumpa Coin 1000
ExoticTrex chicken head sticker
T-Rex Chicken Head
Dino pack
Dino Pack
ExoticFake ptero head sticker
Fake Ptero Head
Unobtainable[trivia 1]
ExoticFake triceratops head sticker
Fake Triceratops Head

Individual items

Characters DefaultCTRNF-Baby Crash
Baby Crash
DefaultCTRNF-Baby Coco
Baby Coco
Price CTRNF-Wumpa Coin 1500 CTRNF-Wumpa Coin 1500
Character Skins
Character Skins LegendaryCTRNF-Mad Scientist Crash Icon
Mad Scientist Crash
LegendaryCTRNF-Tiny Gladiator Icon
Tiny Gladiator
LegendaryCTRNF-Sabertooth Pura Icon
Sabertooth Pura
LegendaryCTRNF-Mad1-Scientist Ripper Roo Icon
Mad Scientist Ripper Roo
LegendaryCTRNF-Stone Age Tropy Icon
Stone Age N. Tropy
Price CTRNF-Wumpa Coin 2500 CTRNF-Wumpa Coin 2500 CTRNF-Wumpa Coin 2500 CTRNF-Wumpa Coin 2500 CTRNF-Wumpa Coin 2500
Character Skins LegendaryCTRNF-Caveman Zem Icon
Caveman Zem
LegendaryCTRNF-Jurassic Krunk Icon
Jurassic Krunk
LegendaryCTRNF-Puppet NTrance Icon
Wooden Doll N. Trance
Price CTRNF-Wumpa Coin 2500 CTRNF-Wumpa Coin 2500 CTRNF-Wumpa Coin 2500
Paint Jobs
Paint Jobs LegendaryQuartz paint
LegendaryObsidian paint
Price CTRNF-Wumpa Coin 750 CTRNF-Wumpa Coin 750
Kart Basic
CTRNF-Wumpa Coin 250
CTRNF-Wumpa Coin 500
CTRNF-Wumpa Coin 1000
Nostalginator - - ExoticFloating flowers decal
Floating Flowers
ExoticBed time decal
Bed Time
LegendaryBath time decal
Bath Time
Probulot 2000 - BasicFuture highway decal
Future Highway
ExoticCool zebra decal
Cool Zebra
Exotic80s fashion decal
80's Fashion
LegendaryPitfall decal
Mammoth BasicPrimal splash decal
Primal Splash
BasicJungle stripes decal
Jungle Stripes
ExoticCrude kraken decal
Crude Kraken
- -
Wheels LegendaryNF PinkLavaRock Wheels
Pink Lava Rock
LegendaryNF RedLavaRock Wheels
Red Lava Rock
LegendaryNF GreenLavaRock Wheels
Green Lava Rock
LegendaryNF OrangeLavaRock Wheels
Orange Lava Rock
LegendaryNF BlueLavaRock Wheels
Blue Lava Rock
LegendaryNF PurpleLavaRock Wheels
Purple Lava Rock
LegendaryNF AquaLavaRock Wheels
Aqua Lava Rock
LegendaryNF YellowLavaRock Wheels
Yellow Lava Rock
Price CTRNF-Wumpa Coin 2500 CTRNF-Wumpa Coin 2500 CTRNF-Wumpa Coin 2500 CTRNF-Wumpa Coin 2500 CTRNF-Wumpa Coin 2500 CTRNF-Wumpa Coin 2500 CTRNF-Wumpa Coin 2500 CTRNF-Wumpa Coin 2500

Leaderboard unlocks

Top % needed 5%
Item DefaultNF Champion Kart
ExoticNF Champion Wheels
ExoticChampion paint
Paint Job
Champion Indigo
Legendary2nd gp decal
Decal (Champion)
Back N. Time[trivia 2][1]
Legendary2nd gp decal 2
Decal (Champion)
T. Rex Chicken

Nitro Gauge unlocks

Bronze Tier Items

Nitro needed CTRNF-Nitro Points 500 CTRNF-Nitro Points 1000 CTRNF-Nitro Points 2000 CTRNF-Nitro Points 3000 CTRNF-Nitro Points 4000 CTRNF-Nitro Points 5000
Item DefaultNF Nostalginator Kart
BasicCave painting tiny sticker
Cave Painting of Tiny
ExoticNostalginator pink paint
Paint Job
Nostalginator Pink
BasicCave painting bones sticker
Cave Painting of Bones
ExoticNF Nostalginator Wheels
DefaultCTRNF-Baby T
Baby T

Silver Tier Items

Nitro needed CTRNF-Nitro Points 7000 CTRNF-Nitro Points 9000 CTRNF-Nitro Points 11000 CTRNF-Nitro Points 13000 CTRNF-Nitro Points 15000 CTRNF-Nitro Points 17000
Item BasicTwo tones2 decal
Decal (Nostalginator)
Two Tones
ExoticFake brontosaurus head sticker
Fake Brontosaurus Head
ExoticMammoth brown paint
Paint Job
Mammoth Brown
BasicBubbles decal
Decal (Nostalginator)
LegendaryCaveman fake crash sticker
Caveman Fake Crash
LegendaryCTRNF-Dashing Fake Crash Icon
Dashing Fake Crash

Gold Tier Items

Nitro needed CTRNF-Nitro Points 21000 CTRNF-Nitro Points 25000 CTRNF-Nitro Points 29000 CTRNF-Nitro Points 33000 CTRNF-Nitro Points 37000 CTRNF-Nitro Points 42000
Item DefaultNF Mammoth Kart
ExoticNF Mammoth Wheels
ExoticPrehistoric patterns
Decal (Mammoth)
Prehistoric Patterns
LegendaryWar paint decal
Decal (Mammoth)
War Paint
LegendaryBaby t sticker
Baby T
LegendaryCTRNF-Fake Baby T Icon
Fake Baby T


Pro Challenges

Challenge Description Nitro gained

Themed Challenges

Challenge Description Nitro gained

Weekly Challenges

1st Week : August 2nd to August 7th
Challenge Description Nitro gained

Daily Challenges

August 2nd
Challenge Description Nitro gained

Quick Challenges

Challenge Description Nitro gained
Coming in First Win a race in any mode. CTRNF-Nitro Points 100
Fashion Show Customize a kart and drive it. CTRNF-Nitro Points 100
N. Tropy's Apprentice Complete a Time Trial race. CTRNF-Nitro Points 100
Online Racer Complete a race in Online Matchmaking. CTRNF-Nitro Points 100
Window Shopping Visit the Pit Stop to discover the daily offers. CTRNF-Nitro Points 100




Glicthed dino pack

The glitched Sticker Pack at the end of the 2nd Grand Prix.

  • Due to a bug, the original Back N. Time Decal for the Champion Kart was given to all players who participated in the first Grand Prix at the start of the second one. Instead of removing its unlock, Beenox announced 4 days before the end of the second Grand Prix that a different decal would be prized to players reaching the top 5% of its leaderboards.[2]
    • The Dino Pack which contains the Fake Ptero Head and Fake Triceratops Head stickers was glitched out of the Pit Stop during the Back N. Time Grand Prix. It appeared in the Pit Stop but cannot be bought. As such, those stickers were unobtainable until the Neon Circus Grand Prix.


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