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Huge powerful jaws, terrible breath, and unstoppable power. This guy is like a bad hair day brought to life.

The Goar is a titan that appears only in Crash of the Titans, and is the second titan ever encountered. Crash first uses it to traverse the Wumpa Island jungle in Episode 2: A Succumbing to Age Story; it is mostly confined to earlier episodes, with the occasional appearance in later Mojo Rooms.


The Goar is a large, quadrupedal titan hybrid between a grizzly bear and a boar. Found in the jungles of Wumpa Island, Goars have terrible tempers; they are known to throw tantrums and uproot trees for no reason. Its most prominent features are its long horns and massive tusks, which it uses to attack. It also has a bulky frame, russet-colored fur, and large claws. When jacked, red stripes appear on its body. Goar is vulnerable to small opponents (such as Crash) attacking from between its legs, where it cannot reach.


Tisk Tusk Combo: Goar swings its horns to the left and then to the right.

Heavy Attack: Goar lunges at an opponent with the full force of its tusks. This attack can be charged for greater damage, and can also be used to uproot tree stumps.

Terrifying Roar: Goar rears up on its back legs and roars, delivering a yellow blast that temporarily paralyzes all enemies within range.

Block: Goar uses its shoulder to guard itself from attacks.

In other languages[]

Language Name
Danish Supervildsvin
Dutch Goorder
Finnish Karhi
French Sanglier
German Bäber
Italian Megaverro
Norwegian Supervillsvin
Russian Шерстюга
Spanish Osojabalí
Swedish Björnsvin