The gloves

In Crash Landed, gloves were originally meant to be power ups, varying in look and power. Currently only three of these are known.

Known Glove Power Ups

Brown Glove

The Brown Glove's power is currently unknown but a tool appears to come out one of its fingers, which is assumed to be a screwdriver.

Green Glove

The Green Glove's power is unknown due to no concept of its ability being released. The Green Glove is scaly and clawed.

Purple Glove

The Purple Glove's power is shooting webs (which is similar to the popular superhero and series, "Spider-Man"). It is purple and spotted black.



  • There are two more gloves assumed to be in the game; The "Lab Grow Fist" and a green glove that Dingodile is supposedly wearing, which cannot be the color of his hand because his other hand is not green.
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