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Gingerbread Joyride is a race course in Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled that was released on December 12th, 2019 for the Winter Festival Grand Prix. It is a Christmas/candy-themed course which has sweet candies and snow elements, and was featured as part of the Bonus Cup.


The track takes place within a cozy town composed mostly of gingerbread houses surrounded by a snowy plain during twilight. The town is populated with jumping sentient gum drops and jellies. Two of the jellies, called sumo jellies (one blue and one green), appear as obstacles at the end of the track.

The track itself contains a plethora of bends, some sharp and some curved. Towards the beginning the track extends on to a bridge with two path ways, one going even higher and one going down. It's here that a shortcut hiding under the higher path can be taken. However, said shortcut is partially blocked by a short barrier, requiring a lot of a speed to make it over. Fortunately, such speed can be easily achieved as right before this short cut there is a strip of boost pads.

Following this, a smaller shortcut is visible towards the end of the rounder corners where a small slope allows racers to leap into a further part of the track. However, attempting this shortcut with insufficient speed will count as going off the track and reset you a short distance back.

Finally, right towards the end, there are two bouncing sumo jellies that squish any racers that touch them. These sumo jellies slam into each other periodically to either take up the middle of the track or the two sides of the track.

CTR Challenge[]

  • C: The C is found at the end of the high path after the blue fire pad. Don't hop at the end, or you'll jump over it. Just let yourself fall off the platform, sticking to the middle, and you'll collect it on your way to the ground.
  • T: The T is within the track's first shortcut. Use the blue fire to give yourself enough speed to jump over the fence under the higher path, and find the T on the right within the shortcut's path.
  • R: The R is the easiest to get. Just after the king jelly fountain, the R is sitting on the ground to the left before re-entering the town.


Names in other languages[]

Language Name
Arabic بلدة الحلويات
baldat alhalwayat
French Chevauchée de Pain D'épice
German Pfefferkuchen-Spritztour
Italian Gita al Pan di Zenzero
Japanese ジングルクッキーロード
Spanish Jengibre Vertiginoso


  • If a racer is hit by one of the sumo jellies, they will temporarily be tinted either blue or green depending on which sumo jelly they were hit by.