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The characters in the boss cup

Final standings of a gem cup

A Gem Cup is a special tournament that appears in Crash Team Racing, Crash Nitro Kart and Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled. A Gem Cup consists of three or four random tracks that appear throughout the game. The objective of a Gem Cup is to earn enough points for a first place finish in order to collect the grand prize. A racer can earn points in a Gem Cup based on their final ranking in a track based on a point distribution. The higher the final ranking of the racer, the more points the racer earns at the end of the race. A second place finisher will earn more points than a fourth place finisher in a track. At the end of a Gem Cup, the points are tallied up and the winner with the most points will win the respective Color Gem for that Gem Cup. Collecting a Gem in a Gem Cup usually results in the player unlocking a secret in the game.

The point distribution for a Gem Cup is the same for both games. A first-fourth place finish will net a racer some points, while any placement after fifth place will net the racer zero points. The points will continue to accumulate throughout the Gem Cup until the end of it where all the points are totaled and a winner is revealed. At the end of the race, if two or more players are tied for a certain position, the game will then randomly pick a winner. The first place winner will win the Gem from the Gem Cup and any unlockables associated with it.

Crash Team Racing Gem Cups

Red Gem Cup

  1. Crash Cove
  2. Mystery Caves
  3. Papu's Pyramid
  4. Blizzard Bluff

Green Gem Cup

  1. Roo's Tubes
  2. Coco Park
  3. Polar Pass
  4. Cortex Castle

Blue Gem Cup

  1. Sewer Speedway
  2. Tiger Temple
  3. Dragon Mines
  4. N. Gin Labs

Yellow Gem Cup

  1. Dingo Canyon
  2. Tiny Arena
  3. Hot Air Skyway
  4. Oxide Station

Purple Gem Cup (Boss Cup)

  1. Roo's Tubes
  2. Papu's Pyramid
  3. Dragon Mines
  4. Hot Air Skyway

Crash Nitro Kart Gem Cups

Red Gem Cup

  1. Inferno Island
  2. Meteor Gorge
  3. Assembly Lane

Green Gem Cup

  1. Jungle Boogie
  2. Deep Sea Driving
  3. Out of Time

Blue Gem Cup

  1. Barin Ruins
  2. Clockwork Wumpa
  3. Electron Avenue

Purple Gem Cup

  1. Android Alley
  2. Tiny Temple
  3. Thunder Struck

List of racers unlocked through Gem Cups

Crash Team Racing

Crash Nitro Kart

Rank System

Ranking Point Distribution
First 9 points
Second 6 points
Third 3 points
Fourth 1 point
Fifth-Eighth 0 points