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Gee Wiz is the sixth level in the game and the first level of the second warp room in Crash Bandicoot: Warped and its remake in the N. Sane Trilogy.


Like Toad Village, this level once again sees Crash embarking on a path through a generic medieval village toward the gates of a generic medieval castle. In addition to the previous enemies from Toad Village, Crash will encounter a new enemy; the wizard lab assistant who shoot magic orbs at Crash in an attempt to turn Crash into a frog.



Translation of Aku Aku Hints in the Japanese Version[]

  • Body press the iron frame boxes. At the peak of your jump, press the crouch button.
  • If you press crouch then jump, you can jump higher than usual.
  • If my voice disturbs you, you can press the green triangle button to skip. Oh, how lonely.

Names in other languages[]

Language Name
Japanese けんとまほうの けんきゅういん
Ken to ma hō no ken kyū in


  • This level is named after the phrase "Gee Whiz", normally used to show slight surprise at something, but spelt "Wiz" after the wizards in the level.
  • Gee Wiz is the only level playable in Warped's demo, included in the "Demo1" disc for PlayStation. In the demo version, there is a locked crate near the beginning of the level that was changed into a cluster of eight locked crates in the final version (taking the crate total down to 93), and a slot crate that has the following options: blank, ? crate, Aku Aku, Crash, TNT, whereas in the final version, only the first two of these options are ever given.
    • The alpha version of Warped uses this configuration, however the level also contains the crates of the Bonus Round from a much earlier build of the level, when the Bonus platform dropped into an underground laboratory as seen in demo trailers from 1998. This brought the crate total in the alpha to 105, with those crates set out-of-bounds thus unobtainable.
  • In the PAL version of this game, the lab assistant wizards take two hits to defeat; the first hit destroys their wizard costumes, leaving them in their underpants. Their costumes can be destroyed in the NTSC version as well, but only if they are hit by the Fruit Bazooka.
  • The Japanese name for the level is probably a reference to the game Logres of Swords and Sorcery.
  • Near the entrance to the Bonus Round, there is a frog who bounces around in the puddle near a nitro crate. If Crash waits long enough the frog will eventually jump into the nitro crate and denotate it, killing itself.