Gargoyles are cut enemies that were going to appear in Crash Bandicoot Evolution. They were flying soldiers part of the Ant army.[1]


It slightly resembles a bat, but is much larger, is blue and black with white detailing, has large feet, and has a thorn on its wings adorned with a blue circle. But the most notable difference is that it has the ability to breathe a mass amount of fire on its foes.


Crash Bandicoot Evolution

The Gargoyle was created for Evolution. They were aligned with the Ants but their exact species is unknown. They were designed to stay perched up high on cliffs and swoop down when Crash approached. In combat, they could spread their wings and breath a gout of blue fire.[1]

Crash Twinsanity

The enemy was scrapped when work on Twinsanity began, but it can still be seen in the game’s Yellow Gem Extras/Unseen Gallery. A different kind of gargoyle did however make it into Twinsanity. These gargoyles were also supposed to be accompanied by bigger fire-breathing variants but these ones were also cut.


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