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Force Fields are items that appear in Crash Bandicoot: Warped during Doctor Neo Cortex's boss fight, and in two minigames of Crash Bash: N. Ballism and Toxic Dash.

Crash Bandicoot: Warped[]

Force Fields first appear during Cortex's boss fight in Warped where he uses a Force Field as a shield while on his hoverboard so that Crash cannot harm him until the force field goes down. When the shield does shut down, Crash must spin Cortex off his hoverboard when he's on the ground, until he is spun into the shaft in the middle of the room. Crash must repeat this procedure another two times to defeat him.

Crash Bash[]

In these two Crash Bash minigames, force fields look and act differently from each other.

N. Ballism[]

Force fields appear periodically at corners of the arena. The two players who share a corner where a force field has appeared are able to pick it up and it will temporarily deflect away balls that go near it. However, it is still possible for balls to go into a player's goal even if that player has a force field.  They expire eight seconds after being collected.

Toxic Dash[]

Force fields can be collected from the arena and used to attack nearby opponents. Force fields in this arena look like pink stars and act very differently from the force fields in N. Ballism, as the player chooses when to activate the force fields in this level.