Foofie is a cut character from Twinsanity/Evolution. Instead of Cortex, it was going to be the one to team up with Crash in the game. Foofie could expand its body to help Crash reach places.


  • In a concept art photo, Foofie is shown in different colors, possibly how Foofie would look like or if his color would change from his emotions.
  • Foofie would be an original character that would have his own personality, due to the photo showing him with different faces, which show his emotions.
  • Foofie would act as a space key, a shield and other things, but what else Foofie would be used for is unknown.
  • Foofie is apparently an alien. He would share this trait with N. Oxide, Velo, Velo's Champions, and the other aliens that were supposed to be used in Crash Evolution.
  • In a concept art photo, Foofie has different faces. These are possibly starter drawings of what Foofie would look like.


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