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Foofie is a cut character from Twinsanity/Evolution. Instead of Cortex, they were going to be the one to team up with Crash in the game. Foofie could expand their body to help Crash reach places by swinging around on things. Foofie would act as a space key, a shield and other things, but what else they'd be used for is unknown.[1]

In the only known image of Foofie's 3D model, they are seen being hugged by Nina, likely because of her early character trait of loving cute animals.



Next to nothing is known about Foofie as a character. In their expression sheet, they give off an air of being rather snarky and sarcastic, while in other art and the 3D render they seem more innocent and cute, meaning their personality likely wasn't fully developed before they were scrapped.

Physical Appearance

Foofie's appearance is also rather inconsistent in the available images, due to still being under development. In all of them, they are a small, limbless alien. Their face ranges from looking like a lizard to a fish, with a small snout and large eyes, sometimes having defined scales. On some they have antennae sticking out the top of their head, and on still others they are covered in spots. In all of the 2D concept art, they consistently have a long, snakelike body that wraps around Crash's arm, while in the model their body is more round and fat. In a coloured piece of concept art, Foofie is shown in many different colors, meaning that their colour may have been undecided, or they may have changed colour depending on emotions or other factors. In the model, they are a grey with their head growths fading into a light cyan and a pale face with black eyes.



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