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Flaming Passion (もえろ! アラビアンナイト lit. Burn! Arabian Night in Japanese) is the twenty-third level, and is the third level of the fifth warp room in Crash Bandicoot: Warped and its remake in the N. Sane Trilogy.

The levels name is a pun on the phrase "Flaming Passion" in reference to the assistants that throw flames to try and block Crash's way.


Crash is back to the Arabian theme late at night. This level contains the green gem which is obtained by completing the death route. This level is one of three in Warped which contains nitro crates but there isn't a nitro switch crate, which detonates all the nitro crates within the level. This means you have to make use of the fruit bazooka to destroy the crates in order to receive the gem.




  • This level, along with the other two Arabian themed levels has a coloured gem.
  • This level was originally titled "Crash Kebob".
  • According to an unofficial guide, this level used to have 76 crates, instead of 75.
  • The image in the warp portal reuses the image from the previous Arabian themed level.
  • This is one of two levels in this game where, after completing the bonus round, it is possible to die before the game is finished adding the bonus round crates to the crate total. This causes a glitch where it is possible to get credited with breaking more crates than there are in the level.
  • This level's death route is the only one in the game which transports Crash back to the main level, rather than exiting the level through its own warp portal.
  • In the original version, The burning death animation is glitched as it only plays half of the animation before instantly going back to the previous checkpoint (the same happens in the Koala Kong boss from the first game)
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