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Final Countdown is the twentieth stage and is the final level in the fourth warp room in Crash Bandicoot: The Huge Adventure. It is also the final main level in the game and the last space-themed level. It combines elements from Cortex Strikes Back's space-themed and Warped's futuristic-themed stages.

Getting the Yellow Gem

  • To be able to do this, the player must use the double jump and the death tornado spin abilities. Also, note that this gem is one of the hardest gems to get, as it needs expert platforming skills.
  • After a checkpoint crate, there will be a green trampoline and a heap of nitro boxes. Instead of jumping to the right and passing it, jump to the left. Crash will come to a plate. Quickly jump to the metal crate on the left so Crash will not fall down. Then, there will be a metal arrow crate. Jump on it. While jumping, also make an extra jump by using the double jump ability, then go left and tornado spin. Crash will land on a metal platform. Jump to the metal arrow crate in the left to get the yellow gem, then land to the left.

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Dutch Final Countdown (same as English)
French Compte À Rebours Countdown
German Letzter Countdown (same as English)
Italian Meno 10... 9 Minus 10... 9
Japanese タイミング しょうぶ
Taimingu shōbu
Timing Match
Spanish Tres, Dos, Uno... Three, Two, One...


  • The title of the level is a reference to the 1980 science fiction movie of the same name, and the song by the band Europe.