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Fahrenheit Frenzy (やけどに きをつけろ! lit. Beware of Burns! in Japanese) is the fifteenth level and is the last level of the third warp room in Crash Bandicoot: The Wrath of Cortex.

This level takes place in a lab inside a volcano (similar to how Compactor Reactor takes place inside a cave on a volcanic island). In the beginning, Crash Bandicoot uses his copter backpack to get through a cave to reach the lab. Inside it, there are rooms that can make Crash invisible and show his bones. This level also marks the debut of invisibility crates which turn Crash invisible for a few seconds when spun, causing him to be immune to lasers.



  • This is one of only two levels in the game to feature invisibility crates, the other being Weathering Heights.
  • Originally, Crash would have begun his journey through the level in a cave. In the game, however, he starts a little further ahead and the cave can't be accessed at all. Also, he would've been able to use the copter pack inside the lab.
  • This level's bonus round contains the least amount of Wumpa Fruit in the game.
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