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Cower, you fools, before the awesome might of... the Evil Twins!

Victor, to Dr. Cortex and Crash, Crash Twinsanity

The Evil Twins, Victor and Moritz, are two hyper-intelligent, vengeful mutant parrots that lived for a long time in the Tenth Dimension. They have immense power in Crash's dimension, being able to control the motion of objects and even bringing inanimate things to life through sheer will. They are the main antagonists of Crash Twinsanity.


Pre-Series History

Your failed experiment... sent two innocent parrots... TO THE TENTH DIMENSION!

Victor, to Dr. Cortex, Crash Twinsanity

Victor and Moritz seconds before being transported to the Tenth Dimension.

The Evil Twins originate from Crash's dimension as Cortex's former pets, claiming that he ruined their lives. The trouble started when the scientist was 8 years old and studying at the Academy of Evil. He was testing a prototype of the Evolvo-Ray with Victor and Moritz as the two test subjects. However, instead of evolving them, the beam made them disappear into the mysterious Tenth Dimension. After some not-so-quality time there, the severe radioactive conditions started to sharpen their skills and warp their "fragile egg-shell minds", eventually turning them into this twisted duo.

Crash Twinsanity

Victor: You see? This is why nobody likes you. A curse on you, Crash Bandicoot! A curse on you all! WE SHALL RETURN!
Moritz: Forget I mentioned the riches thing, huh?

Victor and Moritz, to Dr. Cortex and Crash, Crash Twinsanity

Years after they get warped, they devise a plan to destroy Cortex as revenge and enslave the world. After many years of building their stronghold, raising their ant armies and developing their powers, they confront Cortex and Crash, threatening them and telling them of their plans to destroy their dimension. Cortex doesn't remember who they are, nor does he take their threats seriously, angering Victor. To prove their power, Victor removes Cortex's brain from his head, causing him to flee in terror.

The Twins later confront Crash and Cortex in a clearing containing Tikimon, where they mention that they're from the 10th Dimension. They then awaken Tikimon in an attempt to kill Crash and Cortex. After they defeat Tikimon, the twins tell them their plan to "suck the goodness out" of Crash's Dimension with their Vice-Versa-Reversa Device, leaving behind "the worst of all possible worlds".

After Cortex and Crash reunite with Uka Uka in the ice caves, Aku Aku and Uka Uka agree to team up to defeat the Evil Twins and save the dimension. This fails, with the Evil Twins easily subduing them by using their powers. The twins then taunt Crash and Cortex with the masks and make another attempt to kill them, this time sending in a squad of their ant drones. During this confrontation, Victor lets on that they and Cortex have history together and that their plan is in the name of revenge, much to Cortex's confusion since he still doesn't remember them.

The twins show up again later when Crash and Cortex board Cortex's airship on the way to the Academy of Evil, sending in another squad of ants. Cortex easily fights them off with his ray gun.

Cortex suddenly recalls the Evil Twins' origins on the way back from the Academy, and he informs Crash and Nina of this.

After traveling through the Evil Twins' lair in the 10th Dimension, Crash, Cortex and Nina find the Evil Twins in their throne room. After a brief verbal confrontation, Cortex is easily able to make the twins go back into their bird cage from years of conditioning as his pets. Enraged at Cortex, they then use their powers to transform the cage into a giant robot known as the Deathbot. After the final showdown against them, the Deathbot is destroyed by Crash, who is controlling the Mecha-Bandicoot.

With nowhere else to turn, the Evil Twins flee to Evil Crash's house, whereupon Evil Crash attacks and presumably eats them.

Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled

Although they aren't playable characters, they make a cameo in Nina's Nightmare. They can be seen in one of the pictures hanging in the halls of the mansion alongside Madame Amberley, Dr. Neo Cortex, N. Gin, N. Brio from when they were children (Nina is also "present" in the picture, taped onto it, presumably by Nina herself).

Crash Bandicoot 4: It's About Time

The Evil Twins have a cameo in It's About Time, appearing on a screen in Nitros Oxide's ship in the level Out for Launch. Notably, the image used is a recreation of their original render from Twinsanity, retaining the error of two Victors being used rather than both Victor and Moritz.




Victor is the leader of the duo. He seems more serious and stern than his brother Moritz. He is very quick to act and mostly put together the plot to take revenge on Cortex. He is also impatient, as shown when he used his powers to "fast-forward" through Dr. Cortex's monologue, and to snatch Cortex's brain out of his head. He is also impatient with Moritz and a bit mean to him at times, even hitting him when he brought up their riches (which were supposed to be secret). Out of the duo, Victor seems to be one more motivated with getting revenge on Cortex.


He is the more simple, but nevertheless intelligent brother. He often takes figures of speech in a literal sense and sometimes blurts out things he shouldn't. He also appears to be hungry nearly all the time, mentioning food in almost all cutscenes featuring him, and he's quick to forget their plans when distracted by the prospect of getting a snack. He's much less serious than Victor, acting a bit goofier and more easy-going. Despite his more cheery nature, he hasn't forgiven Cortex, and still works side by side with Victor on their plans of revenge.

Physical Appearance

Being identical twins and wearing very similar clothing, the two are very similar in physical appearance. They are both small spotted parrots with small yellow-orange curved beaks. They have large round heads with heavy eyebrow ridges, and dark bags under their eyes. They also have Frankenstein's Monster-esque bolts protruding from the sides of their heads. As for clothing, they wear futuristic looking space suits with a bright white orb in the middle of their stomachs attached to belts. Another belt is looped around their chests with what seems to be a small screen on the front. They both wear space helmets with small antennae on top. Tall collars from the capes that they wear wrap around the helmets. They also wear black rubber gloves with off-white trim. They don't wear shoes, making tiny bird talons visible.

There are a few differences between them, however. Victor has cyan plumage with round pale grey speckles over the top of his head and on his arms, while Moritz is more of a sea-green colour with mustard speckles of a more irregular shape. Victor is slightly shorter than Moritz. Moritz's beak is a bit longer. Moritz has a belt going horizontally around his abdomen attached to the white orb, while Victor's goes between his legs. Victor's cape is grey-blue in colour, while Moritz's is a dull red. The screen on the belt going around Victor's chest has a heart rate monitor on the front, while Moritz's has a cross-hair.

Before they were mutated, they obviously had much more simple designs. They were much smaller and lacked any clothing, being just regular parrots. They also lacked the bolts in their heads, and had wings rather than arms. They also lacked most of the differences between them then, with the colour of their feathers being the only way to tell them apart. They had yellow-orange feet with two toes in this form, but gained a third toe and feet the same colour as their feathers post-mutation.


Doctor Neo Cortex

The Evil Twins have a very rocky relationship with Cortex, to say the least. When Cortex was 8 years old, he kept the two of them as pets before they were mutated. He was very strict, constantly ordering the twins around and keeping them in a small birdcage. Eventually he used them as test subjects for his prototype Evolvo-Ray, which resulted in them being accidentally sent to the Tenth Dimension and being mutated in a much less refined manner than the later, final model of the Evolvo-Ray. From the Tenth Dimension, the twins swore to get revenge on Cortex, working for years on finding a way to reach Cortex's dimension and get their retribution. Cortex, meanwhile, briefly wondered where the twins had gone, but soon forgot about them.

Crash Bandicoot

The twins grew a deep hatred for Crash throughout Twinsanity as Crash worked with Cortex to stop their plans of destroying their dimension. Victor calls him out by name and curses him at one point after Crash and Cortex defeat a squad of their ant drones.

Evil Crash

Evil Crash and the twins hadn't been shown interacting at all prior to the events of Twinsanity, but given how close his house is to their stronghold, it's likely that they were aware of each other's existence. Evil Crash only sees the Evil Twins as a meal, and eats them alive at the end of Twinsanity.



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Names In Other Languages

Language Name Meaning
French Jumeaux Maléfiques (same as English)
German Bösen Zwillinge (same as English)
Italian Gemelli Cattivi (same as English)
Japanese エビル・ツインズ
Ebiru tsuinzu
(same as English)
Spanish Gemelos Malvados (same as English)
  • Victor
Language Name Meaning
Japanese ビクター
(same as English)
  • Moritz
Language Name Meaning
Japanese モーリッツ
(same as English)


  • The Evil Twins were based on the two hateful cockatoos belonging to Twinsanity's lead concept artist's girlfriend.
  • Victor and Moritz are named after Victor Moritz from the 1931 Universal film adaptation of "Frankenstein". It's also a reference to how the Evil Twins were Cortex's first experiments.
  • The Evil Twins were originally going to taunt the player whenever they'd get a game over, though their lines were cut.
  • The cut mug of the Evil Twins can be seen in one of the concept art.
  • The main render officially used for the Evil Twins has an error where it contains two of Victor, rather than both of the Twins. This is not the case in Twinsanity developer FakeNina's videos, however.
  • In the very early development of the game, their names were originally going to be "Squawk" and "Squabble", but were cut for being "too childish".