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For the location from Crash Twinsanity, see Academy of Evil.

The Evil Public School is a location that appears in Crash: Mind Over Mutant. It is located in the mountains north of the Ratcicle Kingdom. Dr. Cortex had sent his niece, Nina Cortex, to abandon her and get rid of her for betraying him. Crash spends a significant part of the game trying to get to Nina, who helps him thwart Dr. Cortex's plans.


The outskirts of the Ratcicle Kingdom leading up to the school are in 2D perspective. Icy ramps and loops exist for RhinoRoller to traverse. Detours along the route hide collectible Voodoo dolls. Crash can choose either to dodge falling icicles while climbing along a wall of ice, or avoid the section altogether using TK to open an alternate path. The first time Crash arrives, only a single RhinoRoller can be found here, though if he returns after defeating Dr. Cortex, the place is teeming with RhinoRollers and Battlers.

At the mountain's peak, a winding path leads to the Evil Public School entrance, guarded by Bratgirls and a single Ratcicle. An electric fence also blocks the front doors; Crash must disable it by digging underneath the fence and using a titan to destroy the generator that powers it. The fence will then be safely climbable. The front doors can be opened by a nearby Spin Switch. If Crash returns to the school grounds after Dr. Cortex's defeat, there will be two Yuktopuses to battle here instead.

EPS deathmachine

The end of the hall on the first floor

The school interior is a series of hallways lined with lockers, three floors high. Immediately, a spiked, mechanical roller chases Crash through the hall, killing everything it touches. Bratgirls, TNT crates, and jets of fire serve to slow him down. The hall branches off at the end, creating a small space where he can avoid the roller as it passes. If he does not have one with him already, TK will spawn here, enabling Crash to backtrack and throw a TK Switch. The switch disables an electric gate. Crash can climb it to reach the second floor and repeat the steps of the first floor.

The third and topmost hall is clear of any hazards and leads to a classroom. It is mostly empty, save for some crates and drawings on the walls. Waves of Bratgirls will attempt to swarm Crash. Two Spin Switches open a hole in the wall leading to Nina's classroom.

EPS project

Crash protecting Nina's science project

When found, Nina tasks Crash with defending her evil science fair project. Her project sits in the center of the room, and is under fire by the eight volcano-cannons surrounding it. The cannons fire flaming chicken breasts in counter-clockwise order starting from the center-right; Nina's project can take five hits before being destroyed. Crash can deflect these projectiles by spinning them in the air. Once satisfied, Nina reveals the whereabouts of Crunch and N. Brio, prompting Crash to head west towards the Junkyard.

Once Dr. Cortex is defeated in-story, the doors to the Evil Public School building close and cannot be re-opened. As there are no collectibles inside the school itself, this cannot bar the player from 100% completion.


Listed by the order in which they are found:

Collectible Location
"N is for Evil" doll
On the outskirts, by the TK switch left of the first two U-ramps.
Radical GoldenWumpa
Health Upgrade
Left of the TK switch, across three floating platforms.
"Crash Grab" doll
On the outskirts, behind two breakable ice walls, underneath some metal springboards.
"N is for Evil" doll
TK can pull down three icicles, allowing Crash to skip a section of the level. Continue right to reach the doll, which is above a metal springboard.
Radical GoldenWumpa
Health Upgrade
In the latter half of the outskirts, there is a depression in the ground with icy platforms above it, and the health upgrade just out of reach. RhinoRoller can build momentum to get to it, but so can Battler with good positioning and its gliding ability.
"N is for Evil" doll
Just outside the Evil Public School, on the far-right side are two large wooden crates. Destroy one of them and jump on the remaining one to reach the doll.



  • A glitch exists where the front doors of the school may sometimes clip into each other.
  • Inside the school, Cortex continues to address the students via loudspeaker, even after his defeat in the story.
  • The first spiked roller can be avoided entirely by keeping close to the front doors and letting it pass Crash by.
  • On the second floor, at the rightmost end of the hall, beneath the Free Jack Shoe, there is a section of the wall erroneously treated as "ledge ground" that Crash can hang from.
  • The drawings on the walls in the third floor's classroom were drawn by the winners of a contest held by Kidzworld in collaboration with Radical Entertainment.
  • When hit, Nina's science fair project will produce toast.