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Evil Crash is Crash's evil 10th Dimensional counterpart, appearing in Crash Twinsanity.


Crash Twinsanity

He is first seen in the first cutscene of Twinsanity Island. Cortex hugs Evil Crash tightly, thinking that he's hugging Crash. When Evil Crash is revealed, he kidnaps Nina with the intent to eat her, leading to the next level where Crash must pursue Evil Crash. After finding Evil Crash with Nina tied in ropes, Cortex demands that Evil Crash let her go. Evil Crash then chases him in anger. At the end of the game, he ate the Evil Twins when they fled into his house. He is seen in a background picture in the credits in a huge rollerbrawl with the other characters of the game.

Crash Tag Team Racing

Evil Crash doesn't physically appear in Tag Team, however he is referenced in an unlockable skin for Crash entitled "Nega Crash" that bears a striking resemblance to him.

Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled

Despite not appearing in a playable form, Evil Crash has two cameos within Nitro-Fueled. The first is on the track Nina's Nightmare, where his shadow can be seen in the mansion's hallway when lightning strikes. This shadow also appears as a sticker which can be applied to your kart, called "Evil Crash Shadow".



While Crash uses easy simple attacks, Evil Crash has erratic and dysfunctional ways of attacking. He's impulsive and aggressive, and is shown to be immune to objects that would cause harm to Crash, such as Nitros, TNTs and enemies. He is much stronger than Crash. Evil Crash is also a carnivore and lives on a steady diet of meat, thus why he captured Nina and chased Cortex. He behaves in a much more animalistic manner than his good counterpart, communicating with only savage snarls and growls. His one and only priority seems to be getting his next meal, and attacking anything that moves.

Physical Appearance

Evil Crash appears feral compared to the original; he has sharp, jagged teeth with an underbite, long, yellowed claws, dark bags under his eyes and unkempt toenails ripping through the toes of his sneakers. He has a deep red fur color, contrasting with Crash's bright orange, his arms are also much longer with his upper arms being bulkier, and his hair is less spiky than Crash's. He wears dark grey All-Stars like Crash, though his jeans are more of a faded purple rather than blue. He lacks Crash's fingerless gloves and is more hunchbacked.


Doctor Neo Cortex

Cortex is terrified of Evil Crash, with Evil Crash just looking up at him being enough to send Cortex running away screaming in the opposite direction. Evil Crash doesn't really care about Cortex in particular, but gets angry at him for hugging him (mistakenly believing that Evil Crash was Crash) and for trying to make him release Nina.

Crash Bandicoot

Evil Crash surprisingly doesn't have any direct interactions with his good counterpart. Crash is opposed towards Evil Crash in any case when he kidnaps Nina and tries to attack Cortex.

Nina Cortex and The Evil Twins

Evil Crash doesn't especially care for Nina or the Evil Twins in particular, only seeing them as a meal. Due to his animalistic mentality, he likely took Nina out of the entire group due to her being the smallest, therefore seeming to be the weakest and the easiest target. He ate the Evil Twins due to them walking right into his home of their own volition, and also being small, easy targets.

Good Cortex

Presuming that the 10th dimension is a complete mirror of the regular dimension the rest of the series takes place in, Good Cortex is likely enemies with Evil Crash, though this hasn't been shown in any deleted scenes revealed to the public.

In the early version of events where Good Cortex and Evil Crash are the same people as their regular counterparts, Evil Crash shows aggression towards Good Cortex, punching him in the face for talking to him. Good Cortex seems to like Evil Crash however, hugging him at the beginning of the scene and asking him for help when he realises he'd turned good.



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  • In Twinsanity, he was originally going to eat N. Trance's brain, but it was scrapped with N. Trance all together since this scene was seen as "too graphic".
  • Evil Crash was originally going to be a playable character when Crash and Cortex's personalities switched when teleporting to the Tenth Dimension.
  • According to concept art, the original reason Evil Crash kidnapped Nina was to have a tea party with her.
  • He was going to be a playable character in Crash Clash Racing before it was changed to Crash Tag Team Racing and had him changed into the Nega Crash skin instead.
  • Evil Crash cameos in Crash Team Racing: Nitro-Fueled as a sticker, which is also used as a shadow projection in the "Nina's Nightmare" racetrack.
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