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This article is about the cut character. You may be looking for the boss fights of the original.

Ain't that sweet? It's a real man who ain't afraid to show his feelings, and my mom says real men prefer their Coco hot and bitter.

Evil Coco, Crash Twinsanity

Evil Coco is Coco's 10th dimension counterpart.


Crash Twinsanity (Cut)

She is a cut character from Crash Twinsanity. Her official appearance would be only in one scene in the game, where Crash, Cortex, and Nina encounter her in the 10th Dimension, which had to be cut. She would not attack the Crash team and would never pose as an enemy in any sort.



She is described as "dumb, flirtatious and trashy", though not much else is known about her. She is most likely Evil Crash's sister.

Physical Appearance

Dunno, I was just bored one day and thought I'd make an Evil Coco, as we had already done Evil Crash. I just took Coco and kinda vamped her up a bit. She was still supposed to be kind of sophisticated as opposed to Evil Crash who was made even more feral.

A comment from the modeller and creator of Evil Coco

Evil Coco is a dull red bandicoot. She has long black hair, styled loose with two silver hair clips in her left bang. Her ears have beige insides and point upwards, resembling devil horns. She has a pink nose, a off-white muzzle, prominent fangs and blue-grey eyes. She wears make up, with eye liner, dull teal eye shadow and black lipstick. She wears a black t-shirt with blue trim and a red rose decal on the front, a black choker necklace, black shorts, fishnet stockings, knee-high black leather boots with silver buckles, a slim blue belt with an oversized buckle, and elbow-length fingerless gloves with buckles on them. The storyboarded cutscene containing her shows her with a crescent moon decal on her shirt instead.



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