This is about the cut character. You may be looking for the boss fights of the original.


Ain't that sweet. It's a real man who ain't afraid to show his feelings, and my mom says real men prefer their Coco hot and bitter.
— Evil Coco, Crash Twinsanity

Evil Coco is Coco's 10th dimension self. She is a cut character from Crash Twinsanity. Not much is known about her except that she isn't that smart, is flirtatious, and may or may not be Evil Crash's sister. Her official appearance was only in one of Crash Twinsanity's deleted scenes, where Crash, Cortex, and Nina meet her in the 10th Dimension. She does not attack the Crash team and never acts as an enemy in any sort. Unlike the original Coco, Evil Coco does have a mother.


Dunno, I was just bored one day and thought I'd make an Evil Coco, as we had already done Evil Crash. I just took Coco and kinda vamped her up a bit. She was still supposed to be kind of sophisticated as opposed to Evil Crash who was made even more feral.
— A comment from the modeller and creator of Evil Coco

Compared to her other dimension counterpart, she has a pink nose, dark red fur, different clothes, black hair, fangs, and blue eyes. Her clothes display a goth appearance, consisting of an all black top with a blood-red rose symbol (the opposite of Coco's yellow and pink flower: the deleted scene shows it was a crescent moon), shorts with a silver bucked belt, fishnet stockings, high heeled boots and gloves. Unlike her opposite, she keeps her hair down.




  • Evil Coco was to be the exact opposite of the original Coco: flirtatious, dumb, and goth-like.