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Eskimo Roll (ひやひやの ドキッ! lit. Cold Heartbeat! in Japanese) is the fourth level of the third warp room and the fourteenth level overall in Crash Bandicoot: The Wrath of Cortex. Most of the level is an Arctic world, just like Arctic Antics. Here, Crash travels via atlasphere in the snow. Some of his past enemies like Tiny Tiger, N. Tropy and Dingodile make an appearance, interfering and trying to stop the orange marsupial on his way to the end of the level.




  • Originally, it wasn't always snowing in this level.
  • This level contains some glitches within, such as if the player launches out of the transparent tube far enough and lands on top of N. Tropy, Crash will continuously bounce up and down on his head. Since Crash is not enabled to jump or jump onto an enemy's head in an atlasphere, this is a rare coincidence.
  • Many members of Cortex's main group of henchmen appear in this level.
  • This is one of the few levels in the game to feature Dingodile in a cameo appearance.

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