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Operation Overboard is the ninth episode in Crash of the Titans, featuring the beaches and jungles of N. Sanity Island, being the second episode to take place there, as well as factories and warehouses where N. Gin stores his missiles. The level is home to Doom Monkeys, Stench, Sludge, and a large Scorporilla.

Hidden Items[]

Listed by the order in which they are found:

Item Location
CotT Spybot Icon
Spybot #1
On top of a ledge on the left side of the area with the Scorporilla.
CotT ConceptArt Doll
Concept art doll
During the right part of the slide section in the sewer pipe.
CotT Spybot Icon
Spybot #2
During the left part of the slide section in the sewer pipe.
CotT Spybot Icon
Spybot #3
In the toxic waste right before the end of the episode.

Names in Other Languages[]

Language Name
Danish Episode 9: Operation Overbord
Dutch Episode 9: Operatie Overboord
Finnish Jakso 9: Operaatio Veteenheivaus
French Episode 9: Le Jour le Plus Court
German Episode 9: Operation Grössenwahn
Italian Episodio 9: Operazione Esplosivi
Norwegian Episode 9: Operasjon Overbord
Russian Эпизод 9: Операция "за бортом"
Epizod 9: Operatsiya "za bortom"
Spanish Episodio 9: El Desembarco de Bombardía
Swedish Episode 9: Operation Överbord


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