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The Blizzard of Claws is the seventh level in Crash of the Titans. It takes place in a volcanic crater past the Lumber Yard. The level is home to a lot of Magmadon, along with a few Spike and Snipe and one Shellephant. Tiny Tiger ran away from Crash at the end of this level. It is also the first level in the game where Magmadon appear, as well as the first level to have lava. It contains some giant eight-legged driller robots excavating for minerals.

Hidden Items[]

Listed by the order in which they are found:

Item Location
CotT Spybot Icon
Spybot #1
In the lava next to some platforms between the first and the second blue generator.
CotT Spybot Icon
Spybot #2
On the right side of the area with the fourth blue generator.
CotT Spybot Icon
Spybot #3
On the cliff before meeting Tiny Tiger right next to a Snipe.
CotT ConceptArt Doll
Concept art doll
Over some lava behind a breakable fence on the left side of the area with Tiny Tiger.

Names in Other Languages[]

Language Name
Danish Episode 7: En Storm af Kløer
Dutch Episode 7: Sneeuwstorm van Klauwen
Finnish Jakso 7: Kynsimyräkkä
French Episode 7: Le Magicien des Clauses
German Episode 7: Klauensturm
Italian Episodio 7: Artigli Taglienti
Norwegian Episode 7: Trollmannen fra Koz
Russian Эпизод 7: Из огня да в полымя
Epizod 7: Iz ognya da v polymya
Spanish Episodio 7: A-Garra-lo Como Puedas
Swedish Episode 7: Stormarnas Klo


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