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Don't Eat the Yellow Brick Load is the sixth episode in Crash of the Titans. It takes place in a lumberyard past Wumpa Island. In the center of the level lies a Koo-ala village where a Shellephant is imprisoned.


Crash and Aku Aku traverse Tiny's construction site. They eventually find themselves in a run-down Koo-ala village where a Shellephant is imprisoned. After freeing it, they ride it towards Tiny's location.

Hidden Items[]

Listed by the order in which they are found:

Item Location
CotT Spybot Icon
Spybot #1
To the left of the outhouse after the waterfall with the falling logs.
CotT ConceptArt Doll
Concept art doll
On the left path during the platforming section before the Koo-ala village.
CotT Spybot Icon
Spybot #2
On the right side right after the Concept art doll.
CotT Spybot Icon
Spybot #3
Behind some outhouses on the right side after breaking through the first door with the Shellephant.

Names in Other Languages[]

Language Name
Danish Episode 6: Pas på Læsset med de Gule Sten
Dutch Episode 6: Akelig Eten
Finnish Jakso 6: Älä Syӧ Keltaisia Tiiliä
French Episode 6: Les Briques Jaunes
German Episode 6: Nicht ins Braune Fassen!
Italian Episodio 6: Non si Mangiano i Mattoni Marroni
Norwegian Episode 6: Pass Deg for Brosteinene
Russian Эпизод 6: Долгая дорога юных
Epizod 6: Dolgaya doroga yunykh
Spanish Episodio 6: Ojito con el Camino de Baldosas Amarillas
Swedish Episode 6: Ät Inte det Gula Teglet