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The Temple of Zoom is the fourth episode in Crash of the Titans and is the last episode to take place on Wumpa Island.


The Mojo Temple where this episode takes place is divided into two color-coded chambers: orange and green. The orange chamber is completed by jacking Snipe and shooting down targets, while the green chamber is completed by defeating Ratnicians. Inside, Crash learns how to air grind using Aku Aku. Once both chambers are complete, a blue-lit stairway in the center room raises up, granting him passage to the roof.

Crash confronts Coco’s captors. Cortex reveals that he is stealing the temple's mojo to power up a doomsday device that he calls the Doominator. Uka Uka takes Coco and the airship back to their base, leaving Crash to face Cortex's Yuktopus for the level’s boss fight. It ends once Crash jacks Yuktopus and destroys all of the arena’s surrounding walls. Defeated, Cortex retreats, but promises that Crash hasn’t won yet.

The episode ends with another cutscene which takes place at the villains’ base. Uka Uka, fed up with Cortex’s failures, replaces him with his niece, Nina Cortex. She uses a mind control device to force Coco to speed up construction of the Doominator and create more titans, plotting to smash Wumpa Island flat.

Hidden Items[]

Listed by the order in which they are found:

Item Location
CotT ConceptArt Doll
Concept art doll
In plain view after completing the green chamber.
CotT Spybot Icon
Spybot #1
Just behind Crash immediately upon reaching the roof.
CotT Spybot Icon
Spybot #2
On the left side of Yuktopus' boss arena.
CotT Spybot Icon
Spybot #3
On the right side of Yuktopus' boss arena.


Names in Other Languages[]

Language Name
Danish Episode 4: Zoom-Templet
Dutch Episode 4: Temple of Zoom
Finnish Jakso 4: Zoomin Temppeli
French Episode 4: Temple de Zoom
German Episode 4: Tempel des Tempos
Italian Episodio 4: In Scivolata nel Tempio
Norwegian Episode 4: Zoom-Templet
Russian Эпизод 4: Хрум Судьбы
Epizod 4: Khrum Sud'by
Spanish Episodio 4: El Templo del Mal Rollito
Swedish Episode 4: Zooms Tempel


  • The episode's name is a parody of the movie Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom.
  • The title of the bonus stage "FreeJack Frollick" is misspelled; the correct spelling is "frolic" or "frolick".