Episode 20: Revengeance 2: The Revengicide is the final episode in Crash of the Titans and is the last episode to be set inside the Doominator.


The level starts of with Crash approaching the Doominator from a narrow bridge. He must make his way up multiple "teeter-totter" bridges, and once at the top, he must fight a Scorporilla and three Battlers. Once the Scorporilla is defeated, Crash must jack it and go down a long bridge to the entrance of the Doominator, the mouth. Upon entry, he has to fight several Titans, then walk down the hallway to where the final battle starts; the fight against Arachnina. Jacking the Arachnina allows Crash to destroy the inner workings of the Doominator, saving Wumpa Island from destruction.


Due to a glitch that can be done upon entering the Mojo room wearing a skin, the exterior of the entire level can be seen because of the camera going over to the Mojo room and over to the Doominator. It is revealed that only the Doominator is present and not the base that is carrying it. Also, the Mojo Room is next to the right arm of the Doominator.



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