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Minority Rapport is the nineteenth episode in Crash of the Titans. It is set in a foundry where the parts of the Doominator are being forged. It is the second episode to take place within the Doominator and the penultimate level of the game. It's home to Magmadon due to the high temperatures. Sludge, Ee-Lectric and Bratgirls are present as well.



Names in Other Languages

Language Name Meaning
Finnish Jakso 19: Vähemmistön Kosiskelua Episode 19: Minority Report
French Episode 19: Minority Rapport (same as English)
German Episode 19: Minority Rapport (same as English)
Italian Episodio 19: Bandicoot alla Riscossa Episode 19: Bandicoot to the Rescue
Russian Эпизод 19: Зыбкая гармония
Epizod 19: Zybkaya garmoniya
Episode 19: Shaky Harmony
Spanish Episodio 19: Minority Robot Episode 19: Minority Robot


  • The name of this episode is a pun on the 1956 science fiction short story The Minority Report.
  • This level has the highest number of hits for Combo King, being 80.
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