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War of the Whirls is the eighteenth episode in Crash of the Titans consisting of Dr. Cortex's personal chambers. It is the first episode to take place inside the Doominator, in a high class section full of portraits of Cortex. The level is frequently patrolled by Bratgirls. Ee-Lectric and Ratcicle are quite common as well.


Names in Other Languages

Language Name Meaning
Danish Episode 18: Hvirvlernes Kamp (same as English)
Finnish Jakso 18: Pyörteiden Sota (same as English)
French Episode 18: La Guerre des Tourbillons Episode 18: War of the Whirlwinds
German Episode 18: Krieg der Wirbel (same as English)
Italian Episodio 18: La Guerra dei Vortici Episode 18: The War of the Vortex
Norwegian Episode 18: Første Virvelkrig Episode 18: First Swirl War
Russian Эпизод 18: Ураганный бой
Epizod 18: Uragannyy boy
Episode 18: Whirlwind Battle
Spanish Episodio 18: El Vuelo del Bandicoot Episode 18: Flight of the Bandicoot
Swedish Episod 18: Virvlarnas Krig (same as English)


  • The name of this episode is a pun on the book The War of the Worlds by the author, Herbert George "H. G." Wells.
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