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Weapons of Mass Construction is the twelfth episode in Crash of the Titans and is the fifth episode to take place on N. Sanity Island, where Doctor N. Gin and most of his minions build weapons for use by the Doominator. The Voodoo Doll for this level is very easy to find, as it is floating in the air directly above Crash when the episode starts, and can be reached using a double jump immediately.


Names in Other Languages

Language Name Meaning
Finnish Jakso 12: Joukkorakennusaseet (same as English)
French Episode 12: Armes de Construction Massive (same as English)
German Episode 12: Massenkonstruktionswaffen (same as English)
Italian Episodio 12: Armi di Costruzione di Massa (same as English)
Russian Эпизод 12: Оружие массового созидания
Epizod 12: Oruzhiye massovogo sozidaniya
(same as English)
Spanish Episodio 12: Armas de Construcción Masiva (same as English)


  • The name of this episode is a pun on the term "weapons of mass destruction".
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