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Shock and Awesome is the eleventh episode in Crash of the Titans, the fourth episode set on N. Sanity Island and the first episode set inside N.Gin's weapon factory. Crash must make his way through the factory while battling Doom Monkeys and Ratcicles along the way.


Names in Other Languages

Language Name Meaning
Finnish Jakso 11: Shokkihoitoa Section 11: Shock Treatment
French Episode 11: Le Choc des Titans Episode 11: The Clash of the Titans
German Episode 11: Schockschwerenot Episode 11: Severe Shock
Italian Episodio 11: Colpisci ed Esplodi! Episode 11: Hit and Explode!
Russian Эпизод 11: Шок и трепет
Epizod 11: Shok i trepet
Episode 11: Shock and Awe
Spanish Episodio 11: Susto o Muerte Episode 11: Terror or Death


  • This episode has the greatest number of minions to defeat for "Minion Master", and the greatest number of minions overall.
  • The level's name is a pun on the phrase, "Shock and Awe".
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