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A Sludge Too Far is the tenth episode in Crash of the Titans and it is the third episode to take place on N. Sanity Island, featuring a large arena near the base of N. Gin's weapon factory where Crash must fight Sludge, Doom Monkeys, and Scorporilla. Crash has to jack the Scorporilla in the center of the arena in order to destroy all the machines. Once they are all annihilated, the entrance to N. Gin's weapon factory will open up and another Scorporilla will come out of there also known as the statue's "bum".


Names in Other Languages

Language Name Meaning
Finnish Jakso 10: Yksi Mönjä Liikaa Episode 10: One Rough Too Much
French Episode 10: De Boue les Morts Episode 10: Mud the Dead
German Episode 10: Ein Matsch zu Weit Episode 10: A Mud too Far
Italian Episodio 10: Arriva il Melmoso Episode 10: Here Comes the Sludge
Russian Эпизод 10: Там, вдали - слизнерог
Epizod 10: Tam, vdali - sliznerog
Episode 10: There, in the Distance - Slughorn
Spanish Episodio 10: Un Barro Muy Lejano Episode 10: Mud Far Away


  • The episode name is a reference to the 1977 movie, "A Bridge Too Far".
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