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Emperor Velo is the final boss fight of Crash Nitro Kart.

After getting enraged that the player has defeated all of his subjects, he challenges the players to a race, in which he loses.

He then demands a rematch, only if the player has collected all the time relics. After being defeated a second time, he literally explodes. It is then revealed that he was merely a robotic suit, and the real Velo is just a small goblin.

The rest depends on the team the player chose.

  • In Crash's ending, Velo holds up his scepter in triumph in an attempt to win over his subjects, but they are too shocked and let down to say anything. Powerless, Velo relinquishes his empire and whatever influence he had on his subjects. Crash seriously considers this (even thinking about having the planet reshaped into his head), but he decides to reject the idea and gives the scepter back to Velo.
  • In Cortex's ending, Velo isn't so willing to give up his power. When he sees Cortex with his scepter, he tackles him in an attempt to get it back but is easily stopped by Tiny, forcing Velo to give them the scepter.


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