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Elora is a faun and an ally of Spyro the Dragon. Hailing from Avalar, Elora serves as the guide of that realm, being an expert on Avalar's people and a strong leader in times of crisis.


Crash Bandicoot Series[]

Elora first appeared as a small cameo in Crash Bandicoot Purple: Ripto's Rampage, where she appeared on a Trading Card. This card can only be obtained by trading it from Purple's sister game, Spyro Orange: The Cortex Conspiracy. Much later Elora received another cameo in Crash Bandicoot: On the Run!, in the form of an equippable skin for Coco which was added in season 3: Battle of the Dragons.

Elora made her in-person Crash series debut with Season 3 of Crash Team Rumble, where she was added as a playable character. She will be available for early access from January 4th-11th, 2024, with a full release on the 23rd. She is in the Blocker role, which makes an Elora player's main goal blocking players on the other team from depositing Wumpa Fruit in their bank or activating gem platforms. Her moveset and stats are listed in the table below.

Crash Team Rumble attributes
Health: 2/5
Capacity: 4/5
Combat: 4/5
Mobility: 3/5
Difficulty: 5/5
Playstyle: Blocker
PS4/5 Controls XBox One/S Controls Move
X A Jump
"It's jump! You can double jump if you feel like it."
Square (HOLD to CHARGE) X (HOLD to CHARGE) Tornado Kick
"Summon a tornado to chase down foes and crates. Hold to charge up for a bigger tornado that does knockback."
R2 (HOLD) RT (HOLD) Heal Aura
"Heal teammates and yourself to stay in the fight. You will hover in the air while healing."
Circle B Cartwheel Kick
"Dash forward while dealing damage. You can do two quick Cartwheel Kicks in a row, but only one can be canceled into a Flash Kick."
Circle, Square B, X Flash Kick
"Knock enemies away and launch yourself into the air. Launch a tornado after a Flash Kick for more damage, or use Heal Aura to protect teammates from above."

Spyro the Dragon series[]

In her series of origin, Elora appears as an infrequent side character, with a relatively low number of appearances. Her first and most major appearance was in Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage!, where she helps Spyro by providing him with the Guidebook and giving him advice on how to proceed. She was the one to command the fairies to scatter the orbs across Avalar to prevent Ripto from harnessing their power, and was also the one to bring up the idea of summoning a dragon, which is what resulted in Spyro's arrival in Avalar. She later appeared in the ending of Spyro: Year of the Dragon, where she watches a fireworks show with Spyro at Fireworks Factory.


Physical appearance[]

Elora is a faun, which is a creature that resembles a hybrid between a human and a deer. She has red-brown fur with a lighter patch around her muzzle, chest, hands and between her legs, neck-length hair that's slightly deeper in color than her fur, and long pointed ears with light insides. She has a small brown deer's nose, green eyes, digitigrade legs with black hooves and a short fluffy deer tail - though her original design had more of a fox-like tail. She wears a green dress that appears to be made of leaves, as well as matching bracelets around her wrists.


Elora is a focused, intelligent and strong-willed character. She prefers to focus on important tasks, showing irritation when Hunter fools around instead of being serious. Despite this, she has a more playful side to her during peaceful times, laughing when Spyro mistakes her for a goat. She has strong leadership skills, usually taking the initiative during trouble and quickly coming up with plans to solve problems.

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