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Electric Lab Assistants are variants of lab assistants that appear in Crash Bandicoot, N. Sane Trilogy, and Crash Bandicoot: On the Run!. They will shock Crash if he runs into them while they are sparking.


Crash Bandicoot[]

Their only appearance is in The Lab. They appear on platforms with pits surrounding them and will run after Crash and attempt to electrocute him. When the lab assistants are not electrified, they can be spun back until they fall into the surrounding pit while screaming. Crash can also avoid them by jumping around them.

Crash Bandicoot: N. Sane Trilogy[]

Both types of electric lab assistants reprise their roles in the N. Sane Trilogy remasters of the first and second games, respectively.

Crash Bandicoot: On the Run![]

Electric Lab Assistants (referred to as an Electro Lab Assistant in-game) are members of a boss's gang, and must be fought as well as with other henchmen in the gang before the boss itself can be fought. Their main method of attack is to either lob electrical orbs at Crash or Coco or send an electrical wave at them. Like all henchmen, The Electric Lab Assistants are defeated by simply avoiding obstacles to reach them and using the Portal Weapons crafted beforehand to send them back to their own dimension.

These variants appear to use a combination of the original electric assistant from Crash Bandicoot, using electricity from their hands, as well as having half of their faces exposing a metallic exoskeleton like the ones from Cortex Strikes Back.


Names in Other Languages[]

Language Name
Traditional Chinese 電流實驗室助手
Diànliú shíyàn shì zhùshǒu
Simplified Chinese 电力实验室助手
Diànlì shíyàn shì zhùshǒu
French Assistant de Laboratoire Électrique
German Elektro-Laborassistent
Italian Assistente di Laboratorio Elettro
Japanese ビリビリ研究員 (CB)
ビリビリ宇宙研究員 (CB2)
エレクトロ けんきゅういん (OtR!)
Biribiri kenkyū-in (CB)
biribiri uchū kenkyū-in (CB2)
Erekutoro ken kyū in (OtR!)
Korean 전기 실험실 조수
jeongi silheomsil josu
Portuguese Eletrolaboratorista
Russian Электролаборант
Spanish Ayudante de Laboratorio Electro
Thai ผู้ช่วยทดลอง อิเล็กโตร
P̄hū̂ ch̀wy thdlxng xi lĕk tor
Turkish Elektro Laboratuvar Asistanı
Vietnamese Trợ Lý Phòng Thí Nghiệm Điện