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The Ee-Lectric bristles with electric energy that it can blast from its hands, or call down from the very sky!

The Ee-Lectric is an eel titan in Crash of the Titans and the Nintendo DS version of Crash: Mind Over Mutant. It first appears in Episode 17: Adolt Edumacation, where its electric powers are used to break generators and fight Uka Uka.


Ee-Lectric is an aqua-colored, bipedal titan with arms and legs attached to a slender, eel-like body. Its hands and feet are both webbed and clawed, however, Ee-Lectrics attack exclusively using their electric powers and move fairly quickly on land. A dorsal fin runs down its neck, upper back, and tail. It also has sharp fangs, a shrieking cry, and assumes a hunched posture most of the time.


Lightning Bolt: Ee-Lectric shoots an electric projectile straight at the closest enemy. The attack can be aimed at a specific target using Snipe Mode.

Heavy Attack: Ee-Lectric blasts an enemy right in front of it with electricity from its hands.

Sniper Mode: A special mode for all long-range titans, Ee-Lectric included. While blocking, a reticle appears on the screen, allowing specific targets to be chosen for the Lightning Bolt and Heavenly Blast attacks. This mode does not exist in the Wii version; the player may aim using the Wiimote with or without blocking.

Heavenly Blast: Ee-Lectric's ultimate attack. A line of five thunderbolts are summoned from the sky, striking enemies and consuming the entire Titan Meter. When aimed using Sniper Mode, these thunderbolts will instead strike anywhere the player selects. Ee-Lectric cannot move until the attack finishes.

In other languages[]

Language Name
Danish Ee-lektrisk
Dutch E-lecter
Finnish Sähköttäjä
French Électrique
German Elektricky
Italian Anguillettrica
Norwegian Elektrifikator
Russian Псевдоугорь
Spanish Ee-léctrico
Swedish Ee-lektrik