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But Krunk! They come from a planet just like yours. It's called... Earth!

Earth is the third planet in the Solar System, where it is the main setting for the entire Crash Bandicoot series.


The planet is blue because of the oceans with several continents and islands that are scattered. The landscapes of this planet are: beaches, jungles, villages, forests, cities, volcanoes, mountains, glaciers and deserts. The atmosphere of the planet is blue with white clouds and has a unique moon in orbit.


Most of the time, the main events of this planet always pass in the Wumpa Islands where Crash and his gang live.

The Earth is always the target of greed, for example: Uka Uka and Dr. Cortex, natives of this planet, always take on several evil schemes to try to conquer it.

But there are other intergalactic and interdimensional conquerors who tried to take over it, for example: Nitros Oxide would transform it into a parking lot, enslaving the inhabitants if he wins, Emperor Velo XXVII was going to destroy the planet if the earthlings refused refuse to race on his galactic circuit, and the Evil Twins attempted to destroy Earth and leave behind the worst of the Tenth Dimension.

Within Velo's galactic domain exists a planet similar to Earth called Terra.