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Down the Hole is the fourteenth stage and is the fourth level in the third warp room in Crash Bandicoot: The Huge Adventure. It is also the final jungle level of the game. Blowgun lab assistants appear here.

Time Trial Tips[]

Here are some tips to help players perform their best on the time trial for this level. For this, it is assumed that the player has defeated Cortex and therefore has the Turbo Run super power.

  • Before hitting the timer, head to the right and clear out the set of four boxes at the beginning by jumping on the TNT crate to set off the timer.
  • There is a fall at the beginning of the level. The fastest way to make it through there is to use the death tornado spin to reach the ground past the spike lizard. This is faster than falling down normally and sliding into the spike lizard.
  • There are only three time crates in this level. To break the first one, jump off the Aku Aku crate and spin the second crate. The other two time crates are located where there are two rows of three crates. On the top row, there are three normal crates, and on the bottom row, there are two time crates with a nitro crate between. At the beginning, just ignore those two time crates.
  • If Crash doesn't lose any Aku Aku masks, he will have Aku Aku invincibility in the final section. This is essential since there are many obstacles that Crash can just plow through with invincibility. If Crash loses any Aku Aku masks before the final section, restart the trial.
  • The nitro switch crate is located in the final section above a blowgun lab assistant. Be sure to know where it is located. Perform a slide-double jump from the ground to hit this crate. This will explode all of the nitro crates and therefore the two time crates adjacent to a nitro crate that were skipped at the beginning of the level. This is the fastest way to stop the clock for those three seconds.
  • Spinning is faster than jumping, so when there is a crate or enemy in the way, spin it instead of jumping over it (unless, of course, it is an explosive crate).



Names in other languages[]

Language Name
Dutch Door Het Gat
French Sous-Terre
German Den Ausguss Hinab
Italian Sotto Terra
Japanese きょうふの ちかていこく
Kyō fu no Chika Teiko ku
Spanish Caída Libre