The Doominator is a massive robot with the primary purpose of destroying Wumpa Island in Crash of the Titans. Dr. Neo Cortex's plan was to build the robot and destroy Wumpa Island himself, but Uka Uka replaced him in favor of his niece Nina, who promptly took control of the plan, and had the kidnapped Coco wear a mind-control device, forcing her to speed up the construction of the Doominator. Crash arrived just before the robot was sent on its mission, and he proceeded to fight Nina in the Doominator's control room, as the Doominator made its way toward Wumpa Island. Upon Nina's defeat, the mind-control device was removed from Coco, who quickly disabled the robot's computers. The shutdown Doominator collapsed forward, landing just at the shore of Wumpa Island, barely avoiding landing on top of the bandicoots' house. Coco would later attempt to turn one of the fallen Doominator's eyes into a high-powered television system for entertainment.




  • The Doominator was originally built to destroy Wumpa Island, but in the Nintendo DS version, it is named "The Cortexbot" and it is only supposed to "boogie" to show off Cortex's dancing skills.
  • In Crash: Mind Over Mutant, the Doominator had a basketball court built on the side of its head. Crash later discovered that there was a teleporter inside the Space Head.
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