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Doc Amok is a gameplay element in Crash Twinsanity. There are two places in the game where they happen. It was also in the demo.


What happens is that Cortex is in some kind of trouble and Crash has to help him get through the scene without dying, so he needs to clear the pathway of enemies and hazards including Mantraps, Spikey Logs, Fire Ants, water and Nitro Crates before Cortex runs into them. If Cortex dies, Crash will have failed and need to start at the last activated Checkpoint. He does not lose a life though.


The first Doc Amok occurs in the first segment of Totem Hokum. Cortex has just angered a swarm of Bees and can not see because of the stinging, a beehive later falls onto his head and even a hungry Bear goes after him for a bit. At the end, Cortex runs into Papu Papu, who captures him.

The second happens in the entirety of Bandicoot Pursuit where Cortex offers Evil Crash himself instead of Nina, not thinking straight. With Evil Crash in hot pursuit of Cortex, the good Crash has to press buttons, break glass and fire bomb cannons to save him. After three sections, Evil Crash gives up and the team continue on their mission to stop the Evil Twins.



  • This gameplay element is an obvious reference to the game Lemmings.
  • A glitch occurs in the PAL version of the game in Bandicoot Pursuit where Evil Crash runs about in circles in all three sections. This glitch is nicknamed "evil cockroach".
  • Concept art can be seen in the Purple gem gallery of the Totem Hokum Doc Amok.
  • One Doc Amok stage was cut from Twinsanity in an Ocean Dimension.
    • Rehab Lab was going to feature a similar sequence called Moc-a-Doc, where Crash has to hurt Cortex in order to transform back into normal Crash from Evil Crash.
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