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You may be looking for this level's namesake from Crash Bandicoot: Warped.

Dino Might! is the fourth level in Crash Bandicoot: On the Run! (though it is the fifth to be unlocked), as well as the fourth and final level of Wumpa Island. It is unlocked after collecting 45 Power Gems and takes 6 hours to regenerate its items. It is also sometimes available as a survival run map.


Thick sludgy swamps, dinosaur bones, volcanic lava ... yup, this prehistoric track is hot-to-trot. No sweat for a blazing fast Bandicoot, though, right?

Official level description.[1]

Level Design[]

The level takes place in a prehistoric jungle. The main notable mechanic of this level are the geysers, which are powerful enough to send crates and platforms flying off of the ground. Turtles can also be found here, as well as a lone Spider.


Gem Run[]

The gem run for Dino Might! requires the player to collect all 197 Wumpa Fruit in the level. The prize for this is a yellow gem. After the gem has been earned, the challenge can be re-attempted once every 24 hours for two purple crystals.

Prior to the Running Outta Time! update, the Wumpa Fruit requirement didn't exist, with the player needing to simply reach the end to succeed.

Challenge Run[]

The challenge run for Dino Might! requires the player to break all 88 crates, with the reward being 15 Flame Orbs.

Names In Other Languages[]

Language Name
Traditional Chinese 恐龍時代
Kǒnglóng shídài
Simplified Chinese 恐龙之力!
Kǒnglóng zhī lì!
French Dino-Mythe!
German Dinomacht!
Japanese ベイビーTで つっぱしれ!
Beibī T de tsuppashire!
Korean 다이노 마이트!
daino maiteu!
Portuguese Dinopotência!
Russian Дино-Жах!
Latin-American Spanish ¡Poder Dino!
European Spanish ¡Dominio Dino!
Thai ไดโนไมต์!
Dị no mịt̒!
Turkish Dinozor Krallığı!
Vietnamese Sức Mạnh Khủng Long!