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You may be looking for the level named after this level from Crash Bandicoot: On the Run!.

Dino Might! is the eleventh level in the game and the first level of the third warp room of Crash Bandicoot: Warped and its remake in the N. Sane Trilogy.


The second prehistoric swamp level, this sees Crash once again on the run from an aggressive triceratops, like in Bone Yard. During the platform section at the beginning of the level, Crash can ride around on a baby tyrannosaurus rex. He will have to dismount the dinosaur when he reaches the volcanic crater area. In addition to the previously established enemies from Bone Yard, this level introduces a fish that appears to be a primitive ancestor of the bandicoot.

If Crash enters the level after collecting the yellow gem from Hang'em High, a path will be available shortly after the start of the level. The yellow gem route opens in an area surrounded by magma and concludes with a nitro crate-infested triceratops chase. The path contains a secret clear gem, several breakable crates, and the nitro switch crate. It also contains the entrance to the secret level Eggipus Rex. To access it, Crash must run into the second pterodactyl during the triceratops chase.

Types of Enemies



Translation of Aku Aku Hints in the Japanese Version

  • If you want to break boxes in high positions, double jump is the key. It's easy, while jumping, press jump button again.

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ベイビーTで つっぱしれ!
Beibī T de tsuppashire!
Rush with Baby T!


  • The level's name is a portmanteau of "dinosaur" and "dynamite".
  • During development, Dino Might! and Bone Yard had their names switched.
  • In the original version, running into the pterodactyl with an Aku Aku mask will not work as Crash will take a hit and kill the enemy in the process. In the N. Sane Trilogy, the player will be transported to Eggipus Rex regardless of having an Aku Aku mask, which will disappear when the secret level is entered.
  • When on the bonus platform, running towards the camera will cause the triceratops to escape from its cave, this can be triggered when entering to and from the bonus round. Although the entrance to its den will no longer be obstructed, another one will spawn and chase Crash as usual.
  • Through a glitch, it's actually possible to ride Baby T past where Crash is normally dismounted, and all the way to the end of the level. This is done by belly flopping as Crash is being dismounted. However, the bonus round cannot be entered with Crash riding on Baby T.
  • Taking the Yellow Gem path again in the same run gives the chance to explore its chase segment without the triceratops. The pterodactyls will not be present either so this method cannot be used to enter Eggipus Rex.
  • It is actually possible to jump over the second stack of iron crates at the end of the Yellow Gem Path. For that, the player must get on the top of the first stack of iron crates and perform the Glitched High Jump, combined with the Double Jump and Death Tornado Spin. With a little bit of luck, one can end up on the other side of the stack. However, only a portion of the path is solid, and nothing else after it, so the player will just fall down and die if they make a step too far. This was fixed in the N. Sane Trilogy by adding an invisible wall next to the second stack.
  • In the alpha version of Warped, the five lives between the iron crate stacks after the Yellow Gem platform was originally a secret exit portal, having the object name obj_warp_out_secret. This warp orb exits Crash to in front of the Load/Save screen, as opposed back to the third chamber like the standard exit does. At that time of development, Eggipus Rex was not in the game so it could have been planned for that portal to transport Crash to that level once it was implemented.
    • The second pterodactyl on the gem path in the alpha acted like the rest of them and killed the player upon contact. Interestingly, this particular enemy was positioned central to the path in this version.
  • In PAL copies of the original game, the bandifish enemies are smaller than in both NTSC versions.