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Dino Dash is the third and final story level of Eggipus Dimension and the twenty-third main level of Crash Bandicoot 4: It's About Time. The fourth and final Quantum Mask Ika-Ika is found after completing this level.


Crash/Coco are still in the prehistoric jungle, and they must make their way to Ika-Ika while occassionally being chased by a savage T-Rex.

Eventually, Crash, Coco and Cortex find Ika-Ika sleeping within a dinosaur egg. Lani-Loli wakes him up and tells him about the multiverse crisis. The melancholic side of Ika-Ika has little to no faith of all humanity, while his positive side is more bright on events that are occurring at the moment. The team recruits Ika-Ika and have found all 4 Quantum Masks needed to avert the crisis. They then proceed to stop N. Tropy by heading off to another dimensional rift.

Names in Other Languages

Language Name Meaning
Arabic الإنقضاض الديناصوري
al'iinqidad aldiynasuri
Dinosaur Onslaught
French Charge Dino Dino Charge
German Dino-Spurt (Same as English)
Italian Scatto del Dinosauro Dash of the Dinosaur
Japanese きょうりゅう だいぼうそう!
Kyō ryū dai bō-sō!
The Dinosaur Runaway!
Polish Zryw Dinozaura Dinosaur Dash
Portuguese Fuga Dinossaurica Dinosaur Escape
Russian Гонка с динозаврами
Gonka s dinozavrami
Race with the Dinosaurs
Spanish Diligencia Dinosáurica Dinosaur Diligence



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