This article is for the Crash Landed reboot counterpart. You may be looking for the original character.

Dingodile is a genetically enhanced combination between a dingo and a crocodile, created by Dr. Cortex. He has very distinctive differences in his usual design, having not only a crocodile tail and snout, but various reptilian limbs attached with stitches as well. He typically uses a flamethrower as his main weapon. He would have appeared in the cut games Crash Landed and the 2010 version of Crash Team Racing.

Crash Landed

In Crash Landed, Dingodile would have helped Dr. Cortex capture bandicoots by launching them at him using his cannon. Crash would then throw a rock in the air, hit it with his Boombat, then the rock would have hit Dingodile in the head, resulting in him being unconscious. He most likely would have served as a boss.

Crash Team Racing (2010)

In Crash Team Racing, Dingodile would have been a playable character. His special melee attack would have involved him using his flamethrower to torch his opponents.