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Dimbo is one of the mutants featured in the mobile version of Crash of the Titans and is one of the elephants transformed by Cortex. Gifted with enough strength to destroy totems like other large mutants, he stands out along with the mutant rabbit with his boxer-style fists. Impressive in design, Dimbo looks like a giant elephant with razor-sharp tusks, piercing red eyes and a muscular body. Despite his size, he has small feet that contrast with his mightiness. He wears red boxing gloves and red clothing, recalling the image of professional boxer fighters.


Dimbo Contest

Dimbo with Stephan Massart head

  • A contest[1] was held to publicize the release of the game on cell phones and the winner would get their face on the titan Dimbo. The winner was Stephen Massart, from London.[2]
  • This enemy shares its body with another enemy from the same game.
  • Dimbo's name is a reference to Dumbo from Dumbo the Flying Elephant, a 1939 story by Helen Aberson and Harold Pearl, most well-known for Disney's 1941 animated adaptation.